Greetings! I have 5+ years of progressive experience in the IT industry, from Technical Support through backend roles. Looking forward to building more resilient and highly scalable resources and services in the cloud.


The Cloud Resume Challenge

This website you are looking at, is an end product of the cloud resume challenge. The project challenges participants to produce a website running on serverless cloud infrastructure and building a CI/CD pipeline. The website is written in HTML, CSS and continuously deployed to an S3 bucket and cloudfront CDN. The provisioning of the backend infrastructure is automated using the CICD pipeline that runs on Github Actions deploying AWS SAM / Cloudformation artifacts, with Py unit tests integrated. A REST API is created using AWS API Gateway. This API powered by AWS Lambda (running Python) handles updates to a DynamoDB table. You can read more about my experience participating in this challenge in this blog post.

Etheus – HackNY Hackaton @ Columbia University, New York

Etheus, deployed on AWS, leverages the transparency, speed, and data security of Ethereum blockchain (Ropsten testnet) for B2C health data exchange. Provisioned EC2 instances running linux Ubuntu behind ELB. Configured Route53 DNS to route traffic efficiently to Load balancer inside VPC. Installed Ethereum for Ubuntu and launched a Geth node to send out transactions. Wrote Python scripts that import location-based data from wearable devices API, onto the smart contract. Used twilio's REST API to notify users after a successful B2C transaction.


AWS Certification

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

CUNY - The City College of New York

  • Major: MS Information Systems
  • Association for computing machinery, ACM; CCNY Chapter Member


Cloud Developer - DawaCare Inc, New York

    DawaCare won the social impact award at the 2017 Zahn Innovation Center's Venture Competition.
  • Worked with the product manager to develop highly scalable and resilient specifications for the AWS backend including system architecture, RDS schemas and Rest API
  • Played a key role during building a CICD pipeline for web development on GitHub Actions
  • From the CLI, automated building serverless cloud backend services such as Lambda, APIGateway using CloudFormation, with resources defined in YAML
  • Played a supporting role during migrating backend services and onPrem data to the AWS cloud
  • Built container images for running web apps using Docker and Docker-Compose

Technical Support Specialist - Leica Geosystems - PDSA

  • Travelled to client sites to troubleshoot, install, upgrade, and maintain Leica Geosystems Infrastructure such as GPS systems, monitoring systems, radio devices, routers, and positioning sensors.
  • Supported virtualization including Creating and maintaining VMWare ESXi hosts, storage, and compute.
  • Applied my knowledge of TCP/IP, NAT, DNS, DHCP, VLAN, for setting up networking for devices and servers.
  • Provided guidance on software configuration best practices to client’s specific infrastructure requirements
  • Responded to service-related, support emails and calls via Helpdesk; escalating issues as required according to standard operating procedures
  • Documented issues and updated technical articles
  • You may read a magazine story about one exciting project I was a part of here. This was a slope monitoring solution that has a field unit (comprised of a LIDAR sensor, EDM sensor and meteo sensor), a networking unit, and a proprietary software stack that runs in a VM. I played a key role in configuring the router and the sensors to stream data to the backend stack over TCP/IP with a Radio transmission failover. Actively involved in setting up a RDB (PostgreSQL) instance and designing the schema for logging geospatial data.


  • AWS Cloud – Lambda(Boto3), EC2, DynamoDB, APIGateway, S3, RDS / Postgres, CloudWatch

  • IAC – AWS Cloudformation, AWS SAM, Docker, Github Actions CICD

  • Languages - Python, SQL, JS, YAML

  • Knowledgeable about - Linux, Git, Kubernetes, Ansible, TCP/IP, ELK stack, REST, VMWare, DNS